Trail Work

When you come out for a trail workday, be prepared for the conditions and a good hike. Some volunteers bring a change of clothes, especially during the hot summer months. In cooler weather, dress in multiple thin layers to better regulate your temperature. When it is dry, we usually do a group ride after the trail work is done (and sometimes one before as well). So bring your bike gear. NEWT will be able to supply you with hand tools. Remember to not over-exert yourself in extreme heat, use tools safely, and only use tools you are comfortable with. One thing to be careful of is poison ivy, though simple precautions will protect you most of the time.

The important stuff:

Insect repellant

Leather work gloves

Hard-soled boots

Long pants (Protection from ticks)

Hat (Protection from branch tips and thorns)

Protective eyewear (Protection from branch tips and thorns)

Hydration pack (water bottles get lost)

Hooded raincoat (if the forecast dictates)

And don’t forget that every volunteer must sign an annual waiver.

Also always log your hours here!